Friends & Family Referral Programme

Real happiness is when you, your friends & your family enjoy good investment returns together. When you refer a friend, both you & your friend will each receive a S$20 direct top-up to your AutoWealth investment accounts!

AutoWealth Referral Promotion

How to Participate

The person being referred only have to

  1. Visit & click "Get Started"
  2. Complete the application process & indicate the FULL NAME of the referrer under the "referrer code" on the last page before submission

The referrer does not need to take additional actions.

No existing AutoWealth clients for referral? Fret not! Sign up in a group of 2 or more instead! Simply indicate the FULL NAME of one another under the "referrer code" on the last page before submission of application.


  • Participants can expect the S$20 reward to be credited to their investment accounts when both the referrer's & the referred's accounts are funded.

  • The S$20 reward is subject to a "claw back" if the participating accounts are closed in less than 3 months.

Terms & Conditions

  • You agree to the following terms & conditions by participating in the Friends & Family Referral Programme.

  • A referrer can refer unlimited number of referred. A referred can only have one referrer.

  • The promotion is only applicable to accounts that are funded within 2 weeks of account activation.

  • AutoWealth reserves the rights to terminate this promotion without prior notice.

  • You understand that your capital is always at risk when invested.

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