AutoWealth Plus+ offers thematic portfolios that allow you to invest in promising long-term trends within your risk preference

It is a natural extension from AutoWealth Starter portfolios as it aims to support your aspirational goals, while Starter portfolios fulfil your essential needs


With Technology redefining our world and Healthcare systems evolving to meet the needs of an aging population, the Future 2050 Portfolio aims to capitalize on such futuristic macro trends


With the prevalence of digital technology, the Future of Digital Economy Portfolio is highly relevant in today’s world. It aims to earn above-market returns through its allocation to Fintech, Internet and E-commerce companies


The Growth & Momentum Portfolio utilises factor investing as its core investment strategy. It diversifies across growth, momentum and minimum volatility stocks to drive above-market returns


The Turnaround Portfolio capitalises on sectors that perform positively during normal market conditions but are temporarily depressed due to a specific event and are likely to eventually rebound or “turnaround” stronger than others


The Future of New Economies Portfolio is designed to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns by diversifying into China, Taiwan, India and South Korea equity market


1. Open an AutoWealth Account

Click "Get Started" and open an account with AutoWealth

Skip the Starter portfolio recommendation and select "AutoWealth Plus+" when asked to select a portfolio

Account opening walkthrough guide

2. Create AutoWealth Plus+ Portfolio

Click "Plus+" tab to create AutoWealth Plus+ portfolio

This process would require you to re-fill in your goals, personal information, investment information and risk assessment

Lastly, select your preferred portfolio

Portfolio creation walkthrough guide

3. Fund Account

Fund your AutoWealth Plus+ account

Fund deposit walkthrough guide


S$10,000 for each AutoWealth Plus+ portfolio.

AutoWealth Plus+ is a high-risk high-return offering that work towards your aspirations.

AutoWealth Plus+ is therefore only suitable to investors with significant idle cash and unwavering holding.

AutoWealth Plus+ is designed to complement AutoWealth Starter. AutoWealth Plus+ aims to support your aspirational goals while AutoWealth Starter fulfills your essential needs.

Thus, we would encourage you to invest with fresh idle funds even though you can reallocate your funds.

Yes, please consider a minimum S$500 equivalent top-up amount in view that several ETFs are priced above US$300 per unit.

No, the fee structure is deliberately simple and easy to understand.

The annual performance fee has been set at 8% on profits after considering a hypothetical high watermark effect.

The annual performance fee will be computed and charged individually on each AutoWealth Plus+ portfolio, not on the aggregate of all AutoWealth Plus+ portfolios.

You should consider the necessary time, knowledge, experience and cost.

The ETF selection from more than 10,000 ETFs listed globally will change from time to time based on factors including diversification effect, performance, fund size, daily liquidity, expense ratio amongst others.

AutoWealth Plus+ requires frequent portfolio rebalancing & facilitates dollar cost averaging (DCA). Therefore, AutoWealth Plus+ is more time and cost efficient compared to DIY.

No. However, in view of the higher portfolio volatility, we strongly recommend an investment horizon of at least 5 years.

You are strongly recommended to only start investing using AutoWealth Plus+ if you have significant idle cash and unwavering holding power.

We strongly recommend you start off with a portfolio which you are comfortable with and have a reasonably good understanding of.

If you have significant idle funds, we strongly recommend you diversify your investment capital across multiple AutoWealth Plus+ portfolios.