AutoWealth Two Year Anniversary Celebration!

We are pleased to share that you are eligible for our ONE YEAR FEE WAIVER*!

To redeem the offer, please proceed to complete the questionnaire, review the recommendations and:
Book an appointment
Open an account
Fund the account within 2 weeks from account activation

*By redeeming the offer, the participant agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.

  • One year fee waiver begins when the account is funded
  • Fee waiver applies to the advisory fees (0.5% of AUM) & the platform fees of US$18 per annum
  • AutoWealth reserves the rights to terminate the offer without prior notice

Note: Your capital is always at risk when invested.

Investment Goals

I want to in years with S$ .

I am looking to cash out my investments in years.

I want to enjoy a monthly payout of S$ at years old for years.

Personal Information

I am years old.

My annual income (including other sources of income such as rental income) is .

My estimated net worth is .

Investment Information

I am looking to invest an initial amount of .

I am looking to top up my investments with /month.

The estimated value of my current investment portfolio is .

Risk Assessment

I have invested before in / through (you can choose more than one):

Composition of your existing investment portfolio (if applicable):

Equity (Stocks): %
Fixed Income (Bonds): %
Foreign Exchange (Foreign Cash): %
Commodities: %
Alternative Investments (Others): %

When investing, my priorities are:

I understand that markets are at times volatile. If my investment portfolio loses 10% of its value, I would: